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How To Keep Your Hair Looking Fabulous All Night Long This Christmas

The weeks are counting down until Christmas – the countdown is on at our hairdressers in Hitchin! One of the best things about the run up to Christmas is Christmas parties. How many have you got in the calendar this year?

Christmas parties are the perfect opportunity to get dressed up, do your hair a little different to normal, dance and enjoy spending time with work colleagues, friends and family. There’s one question we hear all the time at this time of year – how can I keep my hair looking fabulous all night long whilst partying at Christmas?


Here are four top tips that will help…


1. Wash your hair in the morning, not straight before going out.

If you’ve planned to have an up-do for your Christmas party, don’t wash your hair immediately before styling it. Wash it in the morning instead. This will allow natural oils to build up in your hair during the day, which makes styling your hair easier and will stop your up-do falling out of place as easily. If you’re coming to get your hair done at our hairdressers in Hitchin, we recommend this too.


2. Don’t leave your hair to dry naturally that day.

Whilst it can be tempting to leave your hair to dry on the way to work, choose not to on the day of your Christmas party. Letting the elements attack your freshly washed wet hair will make it harder to style your hair later that day. Wake up a little earlier, and ensure you blow dry your hair after you wash it.


3. Pick the right hairstyle.

 Not all hairstyles are designed to be “party proof”. Certain styles will stay better in your hair during a night of partying than others. We recommend you choose a hairstyle that is tight as this will help it stay in place better. Anything looser will tend to slip out more easily – not a great look by the end of the night!


4. Spray your bobby pins.

Bobby pins are the key to keeping your up-do in place, you’d be lost without them! Whilst they do a good job on their own, you can make them hold your hair even better. Take a hairspray from Goldwell or KMS California and spray your bobby pins before putting them into your hair. This helps them get a more secure grip on your hair, meaning your hair is less likely to slip out whilst you’re partying. If you need advice on the right hairspray for you, talk to our stylists in our hairdressers in Hitchin who would be happy to help you. 


We hope these tips help you to have fabulous hair all night long at your parties this Christmas. If you are looking for a hairdressers in Hitchin to do a gorgeous hairstyle for your Christmas party, get in touch to book an appointment with us.


Donovan hairdressing is a fabulous hairdressers in Hitchin. The “Donovan Promise” ensures you get fabulous hair every single time, and enjoy the experience of being in the salon as much as the hair you walk out with. Find out more about us here.

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