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Donovan Tips to Protect Your Hair This Summer

We all love a bit of sun don’t we. Those long nights, trips abroad and that fabulous sun tan – whats not to like?

Lots of us spend both time and money ensuring our hair is always looking its absolute best yet in summer, when the sun comes out we don’t always protect it like we should. The sun doesn’t burn our hair like it does our skin but is certainly can get damaged.

Rather than panicking after the damage is done, here are some quick tips you can take to protect your hair from the sun this summer.

Apply a protective hair product

Before you head out into that sunshine do ensure that you coat your hair with the right product. This is particularly important if you have colour-treated hair. Always look for products that offer UV protection and if you need advice on the best products to use then do contact us.

Wet your hair before diving in

Before you even think about getting in that swimming pool make sure you wet your hair first. A shower before that relaxing swim will help to prevent your hair from taking the choline on board. For frequent swimmers you can even get clarifying shampoos that are formulated to remove chlorine.

Don’t ignore your scalp

Your hair does not 100% protect your scalp from the sun, in fact it can get burnt just like the rest of your body. So, whenever your apply relevant products make sure you apply them to the entire of your head and not just the lengths of your hair.

Wear a hat

It’s a rather obvious point but how often do we not do it? Wearing a hat or cap will go along way to looking after your hair. It’s important to note that as helpful as hats are they are not the entire solution. Additional protection will be needed and that will come in the shape of the right hair products.

Wash less

Washing your hair frequently strips your scalp from its natural oils so a solution to this is to wash your hair a little less in summer. On days that you don’t wash simply rinse your hair with cold water.

Another option is to mix 2-3 tablespoons of coconut water with the juice of a lemon and apply it to your scalp and massage for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes simply rinse your hair and do this once a week over the hotter months.  

Drink more water

It’s always good to drink more water in the summer months for the purpose of hydration but it also works well for your hair. Whenever you drink water be aware that it is hydrating your hair as well as your body.


Our team want you to enjoy those summer months and not suffer with that nasty hair stress. Hopefully, these tips will stand you in good stead. If you have any questions about your summer hair care, then do contact us.

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