6 Tips on How to Find the Right Hairdressers in Hitchin

6 Tips on How to Find the Right Hairdressers in Hitchin

Finding the right hairdressers in Hitchin and other locations can seem like a never-ending task. We’ve all been into a hair salon at some point in our life, come out with hair we hated, and had to live with the consequences for weeks to come!

But it’s not only getting great hair that is important in a hair salon, it’s the experience too. Do the hair stylists give you time to explain exactly what you want? Do they give you advice on how to best look after your hair? Are the staff friendly? Do you like the music? Do you like the atmosphere? The list goes on…

To help you find the right hairdressers in Hitchin, we have put together 6 top tips:

1. Check out their website.
In today’s day and age, most hairdressers in Hitchin will have a website. Their website will give you a great feel of what their salon is all about, what they believe in and any special offers they have. It’s the first place to look if you are considering a hairdressers in Hitchin! You can check out our website and find out more about our hairdressers in Hitchin here.

2. Look at what hairdressing experience their staff have.
Training and experience are key aspects of great hairdressers in Hitchin! The more training and experience a hairstylist has, the more likely you are to get the results you want in their salon. Liam, one of the hairdressers at Donovan Hairdressing in Hitchin, recently completed Goldwell’s master colourist intense course. This helped him gain a greater understanding on how to best use Goldwell’s colour products to create amazing colour results.

3. Check out their special offers.
Most hairdressers in Hitchin will run special offers at different points throughout the year. Take a look at their special offers, and see if you could save a few pennies on what you’re looking for from a hairdressers. One of the great special offers we run is our Colour Value Wednesday. You can find out all about this special offer here.

4. Take a look at their social media pages.
Social media is a big part of our lives, and more and more hairdressers in Hitchin are getting social media pages. Search them on social media, and take a look at their pages. Many will post results of work they have done on their client’s hair, and check out the reviews to see what other people are saying about the salon.

5. See what makes their salon stand out from the rest.
A truly incredible hairdressers in Hitchin will have something that makes their hairdressers stand above the rest. For example, here at Donovan Hairdressing we have ‘The DONOVAN Promise’. This is that every client will enjoy the experience of being in the salon as much as the amazing hair they walk out with. We believe the experience is as important as the end result!

6. Visit their salon.
Now you’ve got a feel for what they’re all about and think they might be the right hairdressers in Hitchin for you, visit their salon! This is the only way you can get a true feel for whether the salon is right for you. See if you like the style of the salon, see if the staff are friendly, and ask the hairstylists any questions you might have. Our hairstyling team would be happy to help!

We hope this helps you find your perfect hairdressers in Hitchin!

DONOVAN hairdressing is a fabulous hairdressers in Hitchin. We have a beautiful, stylish and comfortable salon, free secure Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshment and give our clients fabulous hair every single time! Find out more about us here.

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